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Every Friday - Rome Farmer's Market

 9 AM - 2 PM   Practicing social distancing

                       and health precautions -

                       wear masks, use small bills,

                       maintain 6 ft distance, 

                       do not linger


June 29th - Splash Pad Opens

                    10 AM to 8 PM (or dusk)

                         Thru Labor Day

                    Please maintain the 6' Social Distance

                    when using the Splash Pad & Playground


July 16th  -  Annual Town Meeting  6:00 PM


August 11th - Partisan Primary Election

                        Rome Town Hall  7 AM to 8 PM


Sept. 26th - Alex Dove Fundraiser 

                     Camelot on the Lake




















Up Coming Events:

CAMELOT ON THE LAKE - 715/325-5093  

(On Facebook, like "Camelot on the Lake" and see upcoming events.) 


Monday - Thursday  2 PM - 11 PM

Friday                        Noon - 1 AM

Saturday                    Noon - 1 AM

Sunday                      Noon -  11PM

Happy Hour -

Monday thru Friday  3pm – 5pm   only


 "KARAOKE" EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT  8pm - with Kryptonite Ent.


July 11th - 2 PM      Still Reckless Duo  -  on the deck

July 25th - 2 PM      Still Reckless Duo  -  on the deck








Welcome to the Lake Camelot Property Owner's Association

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There are a considerable number of new residents and some who are renting their homes to others, so let’s take a quick look at boating on Lake Camelot. These are the shorthand version, links to state boating laws and the town laws are provided below. Please be sure to communicate these to those not familiar with our lakes.


Slow/no Wake is defined as a speed at which a vessel moves as slowly as possible while still maintaining steerage control 

Slow/No Wake Zones 24x7
- Channel
- Within 100 feet of any dock, raft, pier, or buoyed restricted area

Slow/No Wake Hours
Boats- 8 pm to sunrise
Personal Water Craft- 8 pm to 10 am

Skiing Hours
May 1 to August 15- 10 am to 8 pm
All other times of year- 10 am to sunset

Skiing Notes
- All boats must have a spotter or wide angle rear view mirror
- Ski boats and their skiers may not operate within 100 feet of a Personal Water Craft

Personal Water Craft Notes
- Personal Water Craft may not operate above slow/no wake speeds within 100 feet of another boat or
within 200 feet of shore
- Personal Water Craft may not jump a wake within 100 feet of another vessel

Boat Notes
All passengers must have a seat and be in a seat while under way. We often see instances where someone is sitting on the bow of a pontoon or laying on the stern of a runabout while traveling through the channel, this is very dangerous and it’s an easy ticket for the police or DNR.

There are no rules specific to wake boats. Our lakes have some narrow areas that are more at risk to erosion than others. It is requested that the operation of these be conducted as far from shore as reasonably possible.

DNR Educational Materials-
State Law-



Frolics Cancellation - You may have been wondering what the status of the Frolics is this year given everything else going on.  We've delayed our decision as long as we could in hopes that something may change, however at this point it is prudent that we cancel the event this year.  In the meantime, please make sure to patronize all the area businesses that contribute to the success of the event.  Hope to see you next year!



Dan Gohmann, Kathy Halverson and Brenda Bock have

all been re-elected to the Board of Directors.


8th Avenue Boat Launch Update

6/25/20 - the Launch is CLOSED, construction has begun.


The LCPOA Board of Directors has been diligently working to find a contractor

To repair the 8th Avenue Boat Launch and finally has secured a company to

Begin work. 

We know it will be an inconvenience to the members who frequently use that Launch, but it was the only time the contractor could come in to make the necessary repairs.

While the 8th Avenue Launch is closed, you can use the Launch on County Road D.

The other option would be the Public Launch at the Adams County Park off

Apache Ave. and 10th Avenue.

It is supposed to take approximately a month to completely rebuild everything, but it will be so worth it to have a wonderful new Launch.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Camelot on the Lake is now open

- with revised hours and Limitations.

Check the facebook page for updates.



The Alex C. Dove Foundation Fundraiser has been 

rescheduled for Sat., September 26th. 




President - Dan Gohmann

Vice President - Wayne Mikrut

Secretary - Bob Ness

Treasurer - Brenda Bock

John Kolinski    Larry Bultman

Kathy Halverson  






                                              TOWN OF ROME-FERTILIZER ORDINANCE 



Schedule your Event Now!!!


Taking reservations for 2020 for the Grounds and Pavilion. Please call Mike Core (715-325-5093) at Camelot on the Lake to save the date and fill out the paperwork. Must be a member in good standing and have all dues and fees paid to make a reservation.












If you would like a Firewise Permit please fill out and return application and liability waivers to Member Service and we will submit for review to issue approprate permits.



Zumba Fitness At Lake Camelot - Zumba fitness classes with Jean every Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at Lake Camelot Lodge.  


Member Services - 715-325-5031 - Friday and Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM ,

                                                         Sunday thru Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM                                                                                                                                                

Business Office - 715-325-5083 - OPEN MON., TUES., WED., 9 AM TO 2 PM 






Facebook - Lake Camelot Property Owners Association - 715-325-5083

Member Services 715-325-5031

Camelot on the Lake - 715-325-5093




The Lodge


Lake Camelot Property Owners Association (LCPOA) is a voluntary organization. This body organized for the purposes of representing the Property Owners of Lake Camelot. The association serves members of the LCPOA in order to promote, protect, and preserve the environment and the quality of life that this area was built for. In fulfillment of this purpose, our mission is to act as an advocate in promoting the best interests of the majority of the LCPOA Membership with governmental and private organizations. The LCPOA acts as a means of communications for Members and focuses on issues most concerning to the Membership. The final role of the LCPOA is to initiate and support those activities which will add to the overall enjoyment and well-being of the Members of the Lake Camelot Property Owners Association.


Reservations for any event at the The Lodge, Pavilion, or the Bar need to be made with Mike Core

of Camelot on the Lake. Members must have dues paid and be in good standing. 

Members Service Center & Business Office Hours



Business Office - The LCPOA Business Office is open Mon., Tues., Wed.  9 A.M. - 2 P.M. 


The Member Services Department is open Sunday thru Thursday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.,

Friday and Saturday 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.





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